Ass F..ked and Facialized

Dominate, Ravage & Defile.                                        04/30/2009
Studio............VCX                                               Reviewer
Producer..........No Producer                                          Gonzo
Director..........No Director                    
Camera............No camera ID
Points............ 8.74                                         
Star                                                                    Star
Evelyne Foxy            iafd  Euro. Sexy brunette.    Jul 2007          
Janet Joy               iafd  Euro. Sexy brunette.    Dec 2005          
Mya Diamond             iafd  Euro. Sexy brunette.    Feb 2004          
Sindy Silver            iafd  Euro. Hot brunette!     Apr 2009          
Valentina Valesquez     iafd  Euro. Hot brunette.     Sep 2000          
Vanessa Hill            iafd  Euro. Sexy brunette.    Jan 2005          
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> Valentina &guy.                                                          
     Sexy outfit. On bed. BJ. Topless. Titty sucking. Nude. Eats her.       
     Fingers her. Screwing & clit solo. Screwing. Anal. Anal & clit         
     solo. Gape. He strokes off on her face. BJ clean up.               8.90
2> Evelyn & 2 guys.                                                         
     Sexy outfit. In room. Touching. Topless. Titty sucking. Fingers        
     her. Nude. BJ. Fingers her. Rims her. Screwing & BJ. Anal & BJ         
     & clit solo. DP. Guys stroke off in her open mouth.                9.10
3> Mya & guy.                                                               
     Sexy black dress, shoes & choker. In office. Touching. Topless.        
     Titty sucking. Kissing. BJ. Ball sucking. Clit solo. Eats her.         
     Fingers her. Screwing. P2M. Rims her. Fingers her ass. Anal.           
     Anal & clit solo. Anal. She strokes him off of Face & open mouth.  8.90
4> Vanessa & guy.                                                           
     Sexy blue bikini. Poolside. Touches herself. Kiss. Topless. Titty      
     sucking. Eats her. Thumbs her. Rims her. BJ. Ball sucking. Nude.       
     Screwing & clit solo. Screwing. Anal. She strokes him off on face. 8.90
5> Sindy & 2 guys (Boxcover).                                               
    Sexy outfit. On sofa. Clit solo. Eats her. BJ. Fingers her. BJ &        
    screwing. Screwiung & BJ. Ball sucking. Fingers her ass. DP.            
     Anal from each. A2M for each. DP. Anal & BJ. DP. Guys stroke           
     off on her face. Lots of cum. Stringers. BJ clean up.              9.20
Extras                                                                Extras
Scenes             Ladies ID.                                            .05
Encore Scene       Janet Joy & guy.                              18:35   .10
                     Nude. In hot tub. BJ. Screwing. Eats her.              
                     Clit solo. Anal. A2M. Facial.                          
                       Base DVD extras with no BTS rates                7.00
Ratings: Movie     Sex action for 5 scenes averages                     9.00
         Extras    DVD extras rates                                     7.15
         Quality   Video and lighting rates                             9.00
Production dates: 12/2005 thri 06/2006.                                Email