Den is CAVR reviewer. Senior citizen who has been
    Porn fan since silent black & white 8mm loops.

Den is the former owner of Den Video.
Produced & directed 200 amateur movies from Jan 1, 1985 until July 11, 1988. Raided by FBI for making adult movies. After a 3 year legal battle, I accepted a plea bargin, paid a fine and served 30 days. I don't wish this experience on anyone! 16th Year of doing reviews on-line.


System 1:
  Vizio 32"    HDTV 16:9 1080P
  Magnavox     Blu-ray NB530MGX
  Sony         5.1 Surround Sound

System 2:
  Vizio 32"    HDTV 16:9  720P
  Samsung      DVD-1080P8
  Sony         5.1 Surround Sound

Computer 1:
  Acer         Nov 2008
  Moniter      Vizio 32" 720p
  Audio        5.1 Surround Sound
  Used for     Looking at Web Scenes

Computer 2:
  Acer         May 2009
  Moniter      Acer 20"
  Audio        5.1 Surround Sound
  Used for     Writing Reviews