Fallen                                   DVD

Jessica's hot in this one!                                        10/05/2008
Studio............Wicked Pictures                                   Reviewer
Producer..........Brad Armstrong Motion Picture                      Feature
Director..........Brad Armstrong                 
Borrowed From.....Dirty Bob                     
Videographer......Francois Clousot              
Quality 16x9......Shot in HD - Good                                                   
Minutes...........166                                                    5.1
Points............ 8.90                                                  Buy
Star                                                                    Star
Alektra Blue            iafd  2005 Fame Co-winner. E  May 2005          
Angie Savage            iafd  Sexy blonde. Tattoos E  Apr 2005          
Gianna Lynn             iafd  Asian. Sexy. Tattoos E  Oct 2005          
Hunter Bryce            iafd  MILF. Busty brunette E  Aug 2008          
Jada Fire               iafd  2006 CAVR BTS Star   E  Nov 1998  CAVR Nominee
Jenaveve Jolie          iafd  Latin. Sexy. Cute.   E  May 2004          
Jenna Haze              iafd  2007 FAME Oral Star     Aug 2001  CAVR Nominee
Jennifer Dark           iafd  Euro. Sexy brunette.    Jan 2003          
Jessica Drake           iafd  2001 ASM Best ActressE  Aug 1999  CAVR Nominee
Lana Croft              iafd  Asian. Sexy. Cute.      Mar 2006          
Michelle McLarren       iafd  Busty sexy blonde.   E  Oct 2005          
Ryder Skye              iafd  Sexy cute brunette.  E  Aug 2007          
Shyla Stylez            iafd  BC. Sexy blonde.     E  Nov 2001          
Movie                                                                  Movie
 1> Jenna & Brad Armstrong.                                                 
      Sexy outfit. On bed. Kiss. BJ. Safe screwing. Clit solo. Safe         
      P2M. Nude. Safe screwing & clit solo. Open mouth facial. Kiss.    8.80
 2> Oegy.                                                                  
      Smokey niteclub. Sexy outfits. BJ. Eating. Jessica helps out.         
      Dual BJ. Les eating. Safe screwing. Clit solo. 69. Safe anal.         
      Jessica safe DP. Gianna safe DP. Jada safe anal. Facials.         9.10
 3> Jessica & Randy Spears.                                                 
      Outdoors. Sexy outfit. On cop car. Safe screwing & nitestick          
      anal dildo. Fingers her. Safe screwing. Open mouth facial.        8.90
 4> Jennifer & Marcos London & Tommy Gunn.                                  
      On bed. Topless. Kiss. Fingers both her holes. BJs. Solo.             
      Safe screwing & BJ. Safe anal & clit solo. Safe DP. Facials.      9.10
 5> Jessica & Brad.                                                         
      Sexy outfit. Niteclub slow dancing. On bed. Kiss. Eats her.           
      Fingers her. Solo. BJ. Anal solo. Nude. Safe screwing. Safe           
      anal & solo. He strokes off on her pussy. Fingers her ass.        8.90
 6> Jessica & Herscel Savage.                                               
      Side of taxi cab. BJ. He strokes off in her open mouth.           8.70
 7> Jessica & Angie.                                                        
      In glass partitioned room. Teases. Nude. On phone. Solo for           
      each. Anal fingering & thumbing. Dildo play. Rim job. DP              
      dilfo for Angie. Anal dildo for Jessica & solo. Tastes dildo.         
      Jessica anal dildo solo. Kiss.                                    8.90
 8> Jessica & Shyla & Niko.                                                 
      Angels. BJ from each. Dual BJ. Safe screwing & face sitting.          
      Les clit play. Safe P2M. Anal solo. Safe screwing each. Dual          
      BJ. Dual facial.                                                  8.90
 9> Jessica & Brad.                                                         
      Outdoors. Bike riding. Small plane riding. Campfire roasting.         
      Kiss. Eats her. Fingers her. BJ. Safe screwing. Safe P2M.             
      Open mouth facial. BJ clean up.                                   8.70
Extras                                                                Extras
Chapters           Number ID.                                               
                     Black and white footage.                               
Set Up             Choices:                                              .10
                     5.1 Dolby Digital                                      
                     5.1 Dolby Digital Music Only
                     5.1 Dolbu Digital Sex Only
                     Choose Angel's Destiny: On/Off
Special Features   Making of                                     38:18   .10
(Disc 2)             BTS. Jessica interview, getting her
                     wings. Brad directs. Orgy scene. Jazz
                     performance. Bike riding.
                   Bloopers.                                      4:28   .10
                     Jessica. Brad. Laughs. Jessica loses
                     her hat.
                   Leap of Faith.                                17:58   .10
                     Jessica jumps
                   Angels on Angels.                             12:03   .10
                     Hunter Bryce. Jenaveve Jolie. Angie
                     Savage. Jada Fire. Lana Croft. Gianna
                   Box Shoot.                                     5:41   .05
                   Angel's Flight Fantasy.                        2:12   .05
                   Tatted Wings.                                 11:38   .05
                     Body painting.
                   Closer to Heaven.                              2:34   .05
                   Photo Gallery.                                 4:56   .05
                     Various sizes.
                   Star Galleries.                                       .10
                   Star Stats.                                           .05
                   Sex Scene Galleries:                                  .05
                     Jessica & Angie
                     Jessica & Brad
                     Jessica & Jada & Lana & Michelle & Ryder
                     Jessica & Randy
                     Jessica & Shyla & Niko
                     Jennifer & Marcus & Tommy
                     Gianna & Brad
                   Trailers.                                             .05
                     Predator 2
                     The Accidental Hooker
                     The Oracle
                     The Artist
                   Fallen - Bonus.
                     Digital Exclusive!
Bonus Features     Bonus Sex Scenes:                                     .10
(Disc 3)             Deleted Sex Scene from Fallen with                  
                       Jessica and Barrett Blade                 13:49   
                     Deleted Dialogue/BJ Scene with
                       Gianna & Brad.                             8:19
                   The Sex Booths:                                       .10
                     Alektra                                     10:52
                     Hunter                                      11:34
                     Jenaveve                                     7:55
                     Angie                                        7:31
                   Extended Orgy Scene.                          40:08   .05
                     Hardcore action.
                   Interviews:                                           .05
                     Brad                                        19:16
                     Jessica                                     13:55
What Excites You   Promo
                     Disc 4
                       Base DVD extras rates                            8.50
Ratings: Movie     Sex action rates                                     8.89
         Extras    DVD extras rates                                     9.80
         Quality   Video and lighting rates                             8.00
         Audio     Surround Sound rates                                 9.00
Production date: 08/03/2008.                                           Email