So You Think You Can Squirt?             DVD

Pretty sexy, but a lot of squirting!                              01/18/2007
Studio............Elegant Angel                                     XXX  Pro
Producer..........Patrick Collins                                  Specialty
Director..........William H.                                            BPAV
Distributor.......Elegant Angel                                          FAQ
Videographer......William H.                    
Video Quality.....Good                                              Reviewer
Minutes...........108                                                   HDMI
Points............ 8.85                                             Buy/Rent
Star                                                                    Star
 Amber Rayne             Sexy cute brunette.     Mar 2006   ^  
 Cassie Young            Cute blonde. * Tattoo.  Sep 2002      
 Kylie Wilde             Cute blonde. Tattoo's.  Dec 2001      
 Lexi Love               SF. Sexy brunette.      Sep 2005      
 McKenzee Miles          Sexy 32A honeyblonde.   Aug 2006      
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> Lexi & Mark Ashley.                                                      
     Sexy outfit. Hairy bush. BJ. Squirts. Solo fingering.                  
     Squirting. Eats her. Screwing. Squirts. BJ. Screwing.                  
     Squirts. BJ. He strokes off on her ass.                            8.80
2> Cassie & Mark Ashley.                                                    
     Sexy outfit. BJ. Fingering. Squirts. Eats her. Screwing.               
     Squirts. Nude. Screwing. Squirts. 69 her on top. He strokes            
     on of her chest. BJ clean up.                                      8.70
3> Kylie & Mark Ashley.                                                     
     Sexy pink mesh top. Clit solo. Vib solo. BJ. Fingering. Eats           
     her. Screwing. Squirts. Screwing & vib. Squirts. Screwing.             
     He strokes off in her open mouth.                                  8.90
4> Amber & Mark Ashley.                                                     
     Sexy mesh top. Teases. Rough titty play. Kiss. Eats her. Fingers       
     her. Squirts. Screwing. Squirts. Ball sucking. Thumbs her ass.         
     Anal. Anal & 4 fingers anal solo. Squirts. Anal. Facial.           9.00
5> McKenzee & Mark Ashley.                                                  
     Sexy mesh top. Teases. Clit solo. Eats her. Fingers her. BJ.           
     Squirts. Screwing. Squirts. Rims her. Screwing. Squirts.               
     Screwing. He strokes off on her face.                              8.80
DVD                                                                      DVD
Play Movie         Movie review is above.                                   
Scene Selections   Ladies ID.                                            .05
DVD Extras         Behind the Scenes.                                    .10
                     Kylie large vib solo. Lexi solo.                       
                     Amber interview. Cassie laughs.            6:23        
                   Bonus Scene. Swallow My Squirt 4                      .05
                     Annie Cruz & Sasha Grey                   19:14        
                   Cum Shot Recap.                                       .10
                     Just $ shots.                              5:46        
                   Photo Gallery.                                        .05
                     Pictures.                                 14:30        
                   Trailers.                                             .05
                     6 Previews.                                            
                       Base DVD extras rates                            8.50
Ratings: Movie     Sex action rates                                     8.84
         DVD       Extras rates                                         8.90
Production date: 12/02/2006.                                       Email Den