Ma' F..kers #02                          DVD

Euro action.                                                      04/13/2006
Studio............Velocity X                                        XXX  Pro
Producer..........J.J. Cahill/Sascha Libido                            Gonzo
Distributor.......Wildlife Productions          
Videographer......Haiko Garcia                  
Video Quality.....Fair                                              Reviewer
Minutes...........114                                                    FAQ
Points............ 8.58                                             Buy/Rent
Star                                                                    Star
 Anett A. Cock           Euro. Sexy brunette.    Apr 2006      
 Mascha Twat             Euro. Blonde.           Jan 2006      
 Mya Diamond             Euro. Sexy brunette.    Feb 2004      
 Nicoletta Blue          Euro. Sexy blonde.      May 2005      
 Petra Burns             Burning flame tattoo.   Apr 2006      
 Pilar Fuentes           Euro. Sexy brunette.    Apr 2006      
 Suzanna (Brunette)      Euro. Hot brunette.     Jul 1999      
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> Nicoletta & 3 guys. Red lowcut dress. BJs. Screwing & no hands           
     BJ. Topless. Titty sucking. Guys stroke off on her face. BJ            
     clean up.                                                          8.80
2> Anett & guy. Leg worship. Clit solo. Eats her. Nude. Screwing            
     rev cowgirl, cowgirl, side ways. He strokes off on her breasts.        
     Lots of cum.                                                       8.60
3> Petra & Suzanna. Sexy outfits. Dark room. Clit play. Latex gloves.       
     Fingering. Guy joins. BJ. Les eating. BJ. Screwing Petra. He           
     strokes off on her belly.                                          8.70
4> Pilar & 2 guys. On sofa. See-through top. Dual titty sucking.            
     Handjobs. BJ. Screwing & BJ in various positions. Guy strokes          
     off on her chest. Guy strokes off on her belly.                    8.60
5> Mascha & guy. On sofa. Sexy suit. Topless. Titty sucking. Fingers        
     her. No hands BJ. Fingers her. Nude. Screwing. He strokes off          
     on her ass.                                                        8.60
6> Mya. Nude. Clit solo. On sofa. BJ. Screwing rev cowgirl, side            
     ways. Topless. She strokes him off on her chest.                   8.50
DVD                                                                      DVD
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                   Gallery.                                              .05
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                   Cumshots Recap.                                       .10
                     Just the $ shots.                                      
                       Base DVD rates a                                 8.00
Ratings: Movie     Sex action rates a                                   8.63
         DVD       DVD extras rates a                                   8.25
Production date: 04/01/2005.                                       Email Den