No Man's Land Latin Edition #06         DVD

Dee does it right!                                                07/17/2005
Studio............Video Team                                        XXX  Pro
                  11151 Vanowen Street                             Girl/Girl
                  North Hollywood    CA 91605                         
Videographer......Travis Pitts/Johnny DeVoe     
Supplied By.......Video Team                    
Video Quality.....HD       
Format............16:9 Widescreen
Points............ 8.89                                             Buy/Rent
 Star                    Info                    1st Review
 August                  Sexy. Cute brunette.    Jun 2001     
 Dee (Director)          The Dee! Director       Jul 2005     
 Dulce                   Sexy brunette.          Jul 2005     
 Estella Leon            Sexy brunette.          Jul 2005     
 Eva Angelina            Sexy brunette. Now...E  Feb 2004     
 Kat                     Sexy blonde. Braces.    Oct 2004     
 Leah Lane               Sexy brunette.       E  Jul 2005     
 Megan Martinez          Latina. Sexy. Hot.      Nov 2004     
 Mikayla                 Hot brunette. Tattoo E  Jun 2004     
 Valerie Herrara         Busty sexy brunette. E  Jul 2005     
 Victoria Sweet          Sexy redhead. Tattoo.   May 2005     
 Yazmene Milan           Puerto Rican/Persian    Aug 2004     
1> The Lovers - August & Yasmene & Megan.                                   
     Outdoors. Kiss. Fetish attire. Topless. Dual titty sucking. Nude.      
     Eating. Fingering. 69. Clit solo. Yasmene dildo's August & Megan       
     at same time on their backs. Glass dildo for Yasmene. Kiss.        9.00
2> The Priestess - Valaerie & Eva.                                          
     Outdoors. Reading. Holy water. Nude. Kiss. Titty sucking. 69 Eva       
     on top. Eating. Glass dildo for Valerie. Clit solo. Dildo for          
     Eva & clit solo. Tastes dildo. Kiss.                               8.80
3> Fortune - Leah & Mikayla.                                                
     On sofa. 69. Eating. Fingering. Clit solo. Glass dildo solo.           
     Glass dildo play. Dildo for each. Hands on neck. Eating. Kiss.     8.80
     (Dark footage).                                                        
4> The Hanged Man - Dulce & Kat.                                            
     In room. Funny. Kat eats Dulce, 4 fingers her. Clit solo. Nude.        
     Kiss. Dulce eats Kat, 2 fingers her. 69 Kat on top. Glass anal         
     dildo for Dulce & dildo for Kat. More glass anal dildo for Dulce.  8.90
5> The Fool - Victoria & Estella.                                           
     In room. Kissing. Topless. Titty sucking. Rubbing boxes together.      
     Nude. Candle wax on Victoria. Eating. Fingering. Kissing. Strap-       
     on dildo screwing Victoria. 69. Whipping. Eating. Dildo.           8.90
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Cast Bios          Info on:                                            Extra
                     August, Dulce, Estella, Eva, Kat, Leah,  
                     Megan, Mikayla, Valerie, Victoria & Jazmene.             
Previews           Movie previews.                                     Extra
                     NML 35
                     NML Interracial Edition 5
                     NML Latin Edition
                     NML Asian Edition 3
More Adult Fun     800 number ad.
Photo Shoot        Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot.                      Bonus
Behind the Scenes  BTS.                                                Extra
                     Valerie interview, only does girls. Eva in             
                     rollers shows new boobs. Dee shows her toys.           
                     Checking out toys. Eva talks. Kat topless              
                     talks. Valerie & Eva hardcore. Victoria &              
                     Estella before scene. Dee kisses Estella.              
                     Kelly Nichols in background. Dulce talks.              
                     Earth worms where? Victoria smiles & poses.            
                     Mikayla & Leah pose. Snakes. Hardcore.                 
                     Yasmine poses. August poses. Dee flashes               
                     her bra. Dee topless. Nipple suck. Headlights          
                     on. 3 gal outdoor fun. 31:23
Web                Trailer.
                     Dee, 'You want sexy'.
Ratings: Movie     Movie sex action rates a                             8.88
         DVD       DVD extras rates a                                   8.90

Note:              With the exception of scene 3, this is much
                   better HD picture quality.
Comments.....Production date: 03/2005 & 05/2005. Good ID.          Email Den