Forbidden                               DVD

What You Can't Have... You Desire Most.                           02/10/2005
Studio............Sapphire Films                                    R    Pro
Producer..........Eric Mittleman                
Director..........Robert Kubilos                
Supplied By.......Creative Light Video          
Video Quality.....Good     
Top Ten Points.... 4.50

================= Name ================== Debut     Notes ==================
Stars.............Renee Rea               Feb 2005  'R'. Sexy brunette.   
                  Tiffany Mason {Taya}    Mar 2000  Black. Tall. Cute.    
                  Tracy Ryan              Feb 2005  'R'. Sexy blonde.     
                  Wendy Divine {Maya}     Aug 1998  Cute busty FL blonde E
Jason 's bachelor party. Tiffany & Wendy dancing in pretty hot action.      
     Nice soundtrack. Full nudity. Les kissing and playing around.          
Renee checks out the action at the bachelor party.                          
     Gals are nude and giving lap dances.                                   
Renee & Jason. Outdoors. Kiss. In room. Kissing. Topless. Titty play.       
     Nude. Screwing in 'R' rated cable version. Steamy action.              
Tracy & Jason. In room. Touching. Topless. Titty play. Nude. Making         
     love in 'R' rated cable version. Another steamy scene.                 
Tracy & Jason. In a fantasy hotel room. Sexy outfit. Teases. Strips.        
     Topless. Making romantic love on a pool table. 'R' rated.              
Tracy & Renee on bed. Talking. Nice plot twist here.                        
     Interesting story line.                                                
Renee topless outdoors sunning herself. Tracy joins in a bikini.            
     Both go topless.                                                       
Renee touches her body. Tracy & Jason take nude shower. Renee joins         
     them. Steamy action. Les titty play & touching & kissing.              
Tracy & Andy. Outdoors. Touching. Topless. Titty play. Nude.                
     Simulated BJ and sex fun.                                              
Renee & Andy. In bedroom. Teasing. Topless. Touching. Kiss. Self            
     titty play.
Fashion show. Renee & Tracy in store and model various clothing
     outfits for the Jason & Andy. Sexy outfits. Posing and teasing.
     Includes bikinis.
Renee & Jason in dressing room. Hot bikini. Touching. Topless.
     Starts to get steamy.
Renee & Jason at night outdoors in robes.
Tracy & Andy. In van. Teases. Making out. Touching. Topless. Sex
     action in 'R' rated scene. Kiss.
Renee & Jason. On big chair. Talking. Kiss. Topless. Kiss. Touching.
     Nude. Steamy action.
Renee & Jason. Outdoors at night. Kiss. Nude. Touching. Simulated
     BJ. Eats her with footage from the back of his head. Kiss.
A real plot twist!
     I won't give the ending away.
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                      Cast list includes Inari Vox.
Scene Selections    Choices:
                      The Bachelor Party
                      Nikki Wants to Watch
                      First Encounter
                      Husband and Wife in Love
                      Vacation Delight
                      Shower Fantasy
                      Andy's First Time
                      Monique's New Man
                      The Undressing Room
                      Revealing Lovers
                      Undeniable Passion
                      End Credits
Behind the Scenes   Includes:
                      Video Featurettes
                        Behind the Scenes and Broken Bones
                          Renee arrives on the set. Tracy
                          driving the truck. Tracy working
                          with a broken foot. Tracy & Renee
                          posing in sexy clothes. Jen, the
                          Production Coordinator, talks to
                          2 mins 49 secs.
                        Bachelor Party's Hidden Camera
                          Wendy and Tiffany ID as Actresses
                          talking with Bob the Director.
                          Gals dancing nude.
                          1 min 6 secs.
                        Wild Outtakes and Late-Night Antics
                          Bob the Director talks to camera.
                          Renee and Tracy doing Scene 35 Take 24.
                          Eric the Writer/Producer talks to the
                          camera. Take 25, Take 27. X-ray of
                          Tracy's foot showing a broken bone.
                          Take 36. Peter the Directory of
                          Photography ponders his next move.
                          Tracy wearing glasses and Renee in
                          a robe sign a song, 'Thank God I am
                          a Pubic Hair'.
                          2 mins 12 secs.
                      Behind the Scenes Gallery
                        11 photo's.
                      Cast & Crew Bios
                        Dillon Silver         Jason
                        Renee Rea             Nikki/Monique
                        Tracy Ryan            Lisa
                        Jason Schnuit         Andy
                        Robert Kubilos        Director
                        Eric Mittleman        Producer
                        Steve Adaire          Executive Producer
                        Sapphire Films
                        Creative Light Video
                        DVD Credits
Still Gallery       10 Photo's
                      Includes 1 of Tiffany Mason.
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                      1 min 26 secs.
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                      Suckers              1 min 39 secs.
                      F.A.R.T. the Movie   1 min 37 secs.
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