Jenna Jameson is The Masseuse           DVD

Not one of Jenna's better movies.                                 07/21/2004
Studio............Vivid Entertainment                               XXX  Pro
                  16127 Califa Street                                Feature
                  Van Nuys           CA 91411                         
Producer..........Shylar Cobi                   
Director..........Paul Thomas                   
Videographer......Jane Waters                   
Supplied By.......National Video                
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No Stars ID.......Please ID the Ladies!
Video Quality.....Fair     
Points............ 8.29                 

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Jenna Jameson Aug 1994 CAVR 2002 Favorite! E Savanna Samson Oct 2000 Hot blonde. Fan. E Wendy Divine {Maya} Aug 1998 Cute busty FL blonde E Non-Sex...........Tina Tyler DVD Extras........Mandy Bright Rachel Rotten Sunrise Adams ============================================================================ 1> Jenna & Justin Sterling (her hubby). In message room. Jenna lights cigarette and smokes. She shaves his pubic hair. Smokes another cigarette. At 11 minutes into movie, she gives him a handjob. Kissing. Jenna strokes him off. Jenna never got naked, but did smoke alot. 14 mins. 8.00 2> Jenna & Justin Sterling. In message room. She messages him. Oils him. Removes her blouse and bra. Titty sucking, but you only see the back of his head. Topless no hands BJ. She strokes him off on his belly and then gives him a BJ clean up. 8.60 3> Wendy & Justin Sterling. In dark factory. She stripteases him. Topless. Titty touching. Clit solo. 8.60 4> Jenna smoking. In room with Justin Sterling. On bed. Lowcut dress. In his room. Jenna tied up with green rope & hands above her head. Mouth pried open with some type of wired device in her mouth. He has a whip that he uses lightly on her. Plays with her clit. Ball on end dildo used on her clit and then inserted into her. She loses the mouth device. Spanks her ass with whip. Paddles her ass. Blindfolds her. Glass dildo's her. Fingers her. No hands BJ. He strokes off into her open mouth. Cum bubbles. 8.80 5> Jenna & Justin Sterling. In dark room. He ties himself up with rope. Jenna & Savanna in dark bathroom. Savanna tied up. Touching. Savanna eats Jenna. Justin unties himself and goes to watch them. Justin is now tied to a chair as Jenna & Savanna are playing on a pole and 4 chains device in middle of room. Jenna thumbs Savanna, but very hard to see. Jenna uses strap-on dildo on Savanna in doggie position. On bed. Nude. Savanna now uses the strap-on dildo on Jenna side ways, on her belly, upside down. Ladies kiss as Justin walks into the room. 8.70 6> Wendy & Evan Stone. In room. He is holding a glass dildo as she goes up and down on it. He uses dildo on her. Kissing. BJ. Safe screwing on her back & clit solo, from behind her. He strokes off into her open mouth. BJ clean off. 8.80 7> Jenna & Justin Sterling. In room. Long dialog. Kiss. Topless. Titty sucking. Kiss. On bed. Undresses Jenna. Nude. Eats her. 2 fingers her. On her belly. Camera symbol for 2nd camera angle. Eats her. Fingers her. No hands BJ. Screwing reverse cowgirl & clit solo, leaning forward, on her back. Jenna on her back with him off camera and cum appears and lands on her face & chest. Then he moves to her face. Weak cumshot. 8.60 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Play Feature Movie review is above. Stars Jenna. Scene Selection Choices: Bonus 1 to 8. Scene title ID. Positions Room Choices: Extra Pussy Eating Blow Job Missionary Cowgirl Doggie Cum Shot Vivid Girl Choices: Extra Extras Deleted Scene. Mandy Bright & Frank Gun. Directed by Paul Thomas. Teases. Nude. Solo fingering. Eats her. No hands BJ. Safe screwing. Safe anal. He strokes off into her open mouth. 10 mins 23 secs. Deleted Scene. Rachel Rotten & Rob Rotten. Directed by Paul Thomas. Fetish action. She is tied up. He has the spiked hair. Touching. Topless. Titty sucking. Eats her. Safe screwing. 69 him on top. Safe screwing. Safe anal. Justin Sterling walks in the room. Scene just ends with no cumshot? 7 mins 9 secs. Jenna Jameson Solo. Jenna nude with spikes black fetish hi- heels and yellow wig. Red dildo solo on her back. Background music only. 7 mins 22 secs. Where The Boys Aren't 16. Directed by Chi Chi LaRue. Jenna & Sunrise in room. Sunrise eats Jenna, fingers her. Tastes fingers. Sunrise rims Jenna. Jenna thumbs herself briefly. Jenna eats Sunrise, fingers her. Sunrise clit solo. Sunrise eats Jenna, 2 fingers her, uses feather on Jenna. Jenna sits on Sunrise's face. Kiss. 13 mins. Bloopers & Outtakes. Paul Thomas walking around. Jenna & Justin making faces. Goofing lines. Jenna smoking. 'R' rated. 9 mins 12 secs. Bonus Room Photo Galleries: Bonus Jenna Gallery Movie Gallery Behind the Scenes Vivid Previews Includes: Extra Tera Tera Tera (Tera Patrick II) Night Sticks Perfection Rack'em 9 mins 6 secs. More Adult Fun Trailer. 800 numner ad. (Includes Tera Patrick I) The Web Trailer. Vivid Video 30 secs. Set Up Page. Extra Vivid Angles. Symbol will appear on screen. Audio. Feature Presentation. Commentary with Jenna & Justin. 2nd Disc. The original movie. The Masseuse' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Movie. Jenna is a superstar and a great spokesperson for the adult industry. I have become a big fan. But, this is not very good. Movie action rates a 8.59 DVD. Disappointing picture quality and dark lighting. Lots of nice DVD extras. DVD extras rates a 9.00 Overall the rating is 8.79 Poor quality deduction .50- ---- 8.29 ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: 04/22/2003. Cast ID list. Email Den ============================================================================