Size Queens #01                         DVD

Petite Chix Who Love Huge Dicks!                                  06/19/2004
Studio............Platinum X Pictures                               XXX  Pro
                  21018 Osborne St  Suite #5                        Boy/Girl
                  Canogo Park        CA 91304-1754
Producer..........Jewel De'Nyle Productions     
Director..........Jewel De'Nyle                 
Where to Buy......Info
Major Star........Top Adult Star
Video Quality.....Good     
Top 10 Points..... 9.05                 

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Gia Jordan May 2003 Honeyblonde. Sexy. ^ Ginger Lynn Jan 1984 Cute Hall of Famer! Jackie Moore Mar 2003 Brunette. Sexy. Hot. ^ Lyla Lei Jan 2003 Asian. Sexy. Tattoo. Renee Pornero Dec 2002 Brunette. Sexy. Rings. ============================================================================ 1> Gia. Talks to camera. Sexy outfit. Steve Holmes. Kissing. No hands BJ. Deep throat. Solo fingering. Anal side ways. 4 fingers. Anal head down ass up. A2M. Screwing. Anal rev cowgirl with 1 leg up behind her head. 4 fingers anal solo. He strokes off on her ass. 9.00 2> Lyla. Talks to camera. Strips nude. Clit solo. Michael Stefano & Brian Pumper. Dual BJ. No hands BJ. Screwing & BJ side ways, from hehind her, cowgirl, rev cowgirl. Double vag rev cowgirl. Anal rev cowgirl. DP rev cowgirl. P2M. A2M. DP. Facials. Lots of cum. 9.10 3> Renee. Talks to camera. Sexy outfit. Topless. Nipple rings. Nude. Sean Michaels. No hands BJ. Screwing rev & clit solo. Eats her. Screwing on her back. Anal side ways, on her back, cowgirl, rev cowgirl, doggie. He strokes off on her face. BJ clean up. 9.00 4> Jackie. Talks to camera. Sexy outfit. Julian. BJ. Ball sucking. No hands BJ. Ball sucking. Rims him. 69 him on top. Screwing on her back & clit solo, side ways. P2M. Screwing. Ball sucking. Anal cowgirl, rev cowgirl. He strokes off on her open mouth. 9.10 5> Ginger. Talks. Topless. Solo. Michael Stefano & Ben English. No hands BJ. Screwing & BJ. Eats her. Fingers her ass. Titty sucking. Anal & BJ on her back. DP rev cowgirl, doggie, rev cowgirl. Guys stroke off into her open mouth. BJ clean off. Good job Ginger! 9.10 ============================================================================ Play Movie Movie review is above. Hall of Famer Ginger Lynn! Scene Selection Bonus. Choices 1 to 5. Good ladies ID. DVD Extras Director's Bio. Schroll text of Miss Jewel De'Nyle. Behind Scenes. Extra. 8 mins 32 secs. Gia in action. Brian weight lifts 98 lb Lyla. Lyla hardcore. Renee in action. Jewel talks to them. Jackie anal posing. Ginger nude & Jewel talking to her. Ginger facial. Photo Shoot. Extra. 6 mins 30 secs. All of the gals. Photo Gallery. Extra. 2 mins 43 secs. Various sized pictures. Previews. Extra. 5 mins 15 secs. Sinful Asians #3, Fully Loaded, Hot Ass Latinas & Bell Bottoms #2. Website. For computer DVD users. Cum Shot Recap. Extra. 4 min 32 secs. Just the $ shots. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Movie. Good action from all. Ginger gets down! Movie action rates a 9.06 DVD. Nice DVD extras. Ginger on boxcover. DVD extras rates a 9.05 ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: 01/2004 & 02/2004. Good ID. Email Den ============================================================================ From: Felicia Fox Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2004 Subject: Jewel on Stern I don't know if you saw it or not, but you know I'm in love with Jewel De'Nyle -- but Jewel was on Howard Stern a few nights ago, and her parents were on the show as well, although their portion was broadcast live from the Platinum X Pictures offices in California. I was proud to see Jewel's CAVR awards were prominently displayed on the wall behind her mother.