Surfer Girls                            DVD

Collector's Edition                                               05/18/2004
Studio............Shane's World                                     XXX  Pro
                  13659 Victory Blvd. Suite 616                     Boy/Girl
                  Van Nuys           CA 91401     
Where to Buy......Info
Video Quality.....Good     
Points............ 8.50
Choking...........Too Bad!

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Katie Gold May 1997 Petite blonde. Cute. Teagan Presley Mar 2004 Sexy honeyblonde. ^ Brittney Skye Jan 2002 Busty blonde. Cute. E Nadia Styles May 2004 Sexy. Streaked hair. Not on Trip.......Fallon Sommers Jan 2003 {Mandy Lee} Honeyblond DVD Extras........Eva Angelina ============================================================================ Teagan getting ready & packing for her trip to Hawaii. On bed with guy. Kiss. Topless. Titty sucking. Kissing. BJ. On her knees no hands BJ. Removes her skirt. Eats her through her white cotton panties. Screwing cowgirl riding. Removes panties. Nude. Screwing cowgirl, leaning forward, on her back until he pulls out and cums on her belly. Gals on airplane. Gals at Honolulu airport terminal. Gals wrestling with bags. Gals walking to rental jeep. Gals in jeep. Flashing tits on the highway. Gals at beach front house. Gals wading in the water. Nadia meets a guy and asks him, 'If you hang around with me will you let me make you cum?'. Yea. 'I got a man'. Brittney & Nadia. On bed. Undressing. Topless. Kid Vicious on bed. Brittney plays with him. Nadia & guy watching them. Handjob & BJ as he fingers Brittney. Nadia joins them & gives Kid a handjob. BJ. No hands BJ. Brittney strokes him off. Nadia & guy. On bed. Topless with thong. Talking. Kissing. Touching. 69 Nadia on top. Titty screwing. Brittney watching them. BJ. Plays with her. Strokes him. Nadia strokes him off as she smiles to the camera. Katie and guy on bed. Topless. Kissing. Nude. Brittney & Nadia on the BJ. Handjob. Kissing. Brittney joins them. Face sitting. BJ. Nude Nadia joins. Lucky guy as 3 porn gals working him over. Katie strokes him off. Meanwhile, back on the Mainland... Teagan's boyfriend on bed. "I wish I was in Hawaii'. Fallon giving him BJ. 'Get over it'. BJ/handjob. No hands BJ. He re- moves her panties. Plays with her clit. Fingers her. 2 fingers her. Titty sucking. Kissing. Screwing on her back, on her back & clit solo, cowgirl riding, from behind her, on her belly, side ways. Open mouth facial. BJ clean off. Stringers. Brittney & Teagan & Katie & Nadia. In room on bed. Topless. Hugging. Talking. 4-on-1 fun. Nude. BJ. Dual BJ. Eating. Fingering. Handjob. Les playing around. Katie giving him BJ as he fingers Teagan & Brittney. Nadia gives him BJ. Nadia strokes him off. Outdoor picnic table. Eating. Gals talking to camera. Night time. Talking about guys. Guy carries Teagan as another guy carries Brittney to Hawaii Ghetto (tent). All join in the tent. Kissing. In tent. Teagan & guy kissing. Making out. BJ. Handjob. Kissing. Teagan strokes him off. Kissing. In tent. Nadia & Brittney & guy having fun. Topless. Both give him handjob. BJ from Nadia. Brittney sits on his face. Both give him handjob. They stroke him off. Nadia & Brittney making out. Nadia eats Brittney as guy sucks Brittney's tit. Gals clit solo side-by-side as the guy strokes himself off. Next morning. Gals getting up and getting ready. Fixing breakfast. In jeep. Guy gives them surfing lesson on board on the ground. Sexy outfits. Gals carry surf boards to beach. Gals surfing. Well, give them A for trying. Wipe out! Gals leaving the beach. Gals go shopping. Brittney talking to guy. Brittney & guy in room. From Germany. Topless. Handjob. Titty screwing. Handjob. BJ. BJ/handjob. Kissing. Nude. Eats her. Clit solo. Screwing on her back, side ways, from behind her, cowgirl, rockin' back and forth, side ways, on her back. He strokes off on her belly. 'That is alot of cum'. His name is Jerry. BBQ. All the gals and Jerry going to surf instructor's house. Hanging around outside. Katie smoking. Katie drinking non-alcoholic beer. Teagan & Katie & guy in bedroom. Teagan topless kisses the guy. Both give him handjob. Teagan & guy kiss. Katie gives BJ. Teagan gives BJ as Katie removes her panties. Teagan gives him more head. Teagan strokes him off. On the beach. Nadia & Brittney & Jerry. Topless. Kissing. BJ from both. Dual BJ. Ball sucking. Nude. Nadia no hands BJ as Brittney uses dildo on her. Screwing Nadia from behind as she plays with Brittney. Brittney dildo solo. Brittney P2M. Nadia pussy farts. Screwing Brittney on her back as Nadia uses dildo on her clit. BJ from each. Brittney chokes herself. Jerry chokes Brittney as he screws her on her back. Nadia chokes Brittney as Brittney is screwing on her back. Screwing Nadia cowgirl riding up and down, reverse cowgirl. Brittney P2M. Brittney dildo solo. Screwing Brittney from behind. Nadia P2M. Screwing Nadia as she eats out Brittney. Screwing Nadia on her back as Brittney uses dildo on her clit. He strokes off all over Nadia's belly. Lots of cum. Both give BJ clean up. Next morning. Gals trying to get awake. In the jeep, the gals talk about the awesome trip. Gals in hotel room. Later that night. Katie goes down to street and meets a guy. Asks him if he ever wanted to be in a 'porno'. He has alot of tattoo's. In room. Katie nude on bed. BJ. No hands BJ. Handjob. Both nude. BJ. Ball sucking. Screwing on her back & clit solo, from behind her. He strokes off on her face. BJ clean off. In hotel room. Brittney & Nadia and 2 guys. All on 1 bed. Both gals are topless. Handjobs. Titty screwing. Handjobs. Both give BJs. Handjobs. BJ/handjobs. Brittney strokes her guy off. Nadia strokes her guy off. Ending credits. Good ladies ID. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Play Movie Movie review is above. Rates a real fun 8.90 Scene Selection Choices 1 to 10. Scene number ID. Extras Behind Scenes. Extra. 21 mins 52 secs. (Disk 2) Brittney & Teagen on airplane. Gals at airport. Gals lowering Jeep's convertible top. Gals in room playing game. Talking to guys about Shane's World. Gals on beach checking out the awesome waves. Gals in jeep. Drunk guy. Gals at picnic table eating. In kitchen. Katie cooking. Nadia dildo solo. Gals in jeep. Gals on beach. Gals surfing. In bed, Katie smoking and talking to Teagan. Gals in Jeep. Gals dressing. (Damn, how much clothes did they bring with them?). Nadia talks about her 1st time. Gals on bed having fun. Diary of a Young Slut. Extra. 17 mins 2 secs. Eva Angelina talks to camera. Wearing glasses. On sofa with a guy. Kiss. Undresses. Nude. Nipple rings. Eats her. Fingers her. Glasses off. Titty sucking. No hands BJ. Screwing. Chokes her. Open mouth facial. Lost Footage. Extra. 15 mins 12 secs. Teagan & Katie & guy. In hotel room. Solo. Nude. BJ. Each give BJ. Katie sits on his face. 69 Katie on top. They stroke him off. Group kiss. Katie & guy. On sofa. Playing around. Nude. Handjob. BJ. Another guy watching them. Brittney & guy on sofa. Screwing. Chokes her. 'Sorry, Dudes... Ran Out Of Tape'. Katie & guy in tent. Touching. Kissing. Nude. BJ. Strokes him off. Interviews. Extra. 15 mins 5 secs, Brittney. Katie. Teagan. Nadia. They talk about one another. Talk about the bungalow and other things. Brittney says she like choking. Teagan likes 'bad boys'. Nadia's 1st 3some. Photo Gallery. Extra. 5 mins 23 secs. Various sized pictures. Cast Bios. Extra. Teagan 07/24 Brittney 11/05 Katie 03/07 Nadia 06/25 Fallon 11/09 Web Link. Page with Teagan. Computer DVD users. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Movie. A real fun movie with nice cast of 4 hot ladies. Teagan and Nadia are newbies, Brittney has been around awhile and is always fun and Katie returns after being gone 5 years. Movie rates a 8.90 DVD. Good picture quality and audio. Sexy boxcover. Lots of nice DVD extras that rate a 9.10 Overall rating is movie rating + DVD extras / 2 (8.90 + 9.10)/2 = 9.00 But, the choking rules applies. ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: 02/2004. 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