Masters of Reality Porn             Blu-ray

'Over 2 1/2 Hours of Jaw Dropping Reality Porn!'.                 07/01/2008
Studio............Pink Visual                                       Reviewer
Producer..........No Producer                                        All Sex
Distributor.......Pink Visual                   
Quality 16x9......Blu-ray                                                2.0
Minutes........... ? New Method
Points............ 8.94                                                  Buy
Star                    Info                                            Star
Alana Evans II          iafd  Blonde. Cute. Busty. E  Dec 2005          
Alexa Lynn              iafd  TX. Sexy honeyblonde.   Mar 2006          
Devon Lee               iafd  IN. Busty blonde.    E  Mar 2006          
Holly West              iafd  Sexy cute brunette.  E  Aug 2007          
Jaclyn Case             iafd  PA. Sexy brunette.   E  Aug 2006          
Kayden Faye             iafd  AZ. Sexy brunette.      Jul 2007          
Kelli Tyler             iafd  Hot brunette. Now--> E  Sep 2002          
Kylee King              iafd  Sexy. Cute. Tit rings.  Feb 2006          
Kylee Reese             iafd  NV. Sexy blond. Rings.  Apr 2007          
Kylie G. Worthy         iafd  CO. Sexy honeyblonde E  Jul 2005          
Lexi Lamour             iafd  NAP. Busty blonde.   E  May 2001          
Liv Wylder              iafd  Slim blonde. 32As.      Oct 2005          
Mariah Milano           iafd  Cute brunette. Now-> E  Oct 1998          
Niya Yu                 iafd  Asian. Sexy. Cute.      May 2007          
Renee Jordan            iafd  Alaska. Sexy blonde.    Sep 2007          
Sammie Rhodes           iafd  Sexy busty blonde.      Aug 2004  CAVR Nominee
Satine Phoenix          iafd  SF. Sexy brunette.      Jan 2007          
Victoria Sin            iafd  German. Sexy brunette.  Jul 2003          
Vivian West             iafd  Sexy blonde.         E  Jun 2005          
  ID........................................................    Gals - Poor!
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> Love Mound - 28:34                                                       
     Party. Alexa. Liv. Vivian. Other Porn stars. Nude. Clit solo.          
     Chris Cannon. John West. BJ. Screwing. Les eating. Orgy Cam            
     with TCR timings. Screwing. Les. BJ. Devon in background.              
     Squirting. Screwing. Guys strokes off facials. BJ clean up.        9.00
2> Wife Switch - The Worthys & The Wests. 25:02                             
     Kylie & Jake Jacobs and Holly & John West. Talking. Sexy out-          
     fits. Nude les play. Drama. BJs. Screwing. Cums on tits, ass.      8.80
3> Kayden & Jaclyn & Kelli - 29:45                                          
     Sexy outfits. Kelli smoking. In room. Nude. Titty sucking.             
     Eating. Kiss. Strap-on dildo for Kayden from Jaclyn. Rimjob.           
     Pink dildo play. 69. Eating. Strap-on dildo screwing. Clit solo.   9.00
4> Smorgaswhores. Satine & Victoria & other Porn Stars. 20:58               
     Sexy outfits. On sofa. Nude. Screwing & les eating. Orgy.              
     BJ. Screwing. 2-on-1 action. Open mouty facials. Swallows.         9.00
5> Sammie & Mariah & Kylee Reese. 28:44                                     
     Sexy outfits. Talking. On sofa. Touching. Titty play. Topless.         
     Nude. Eating. Titty sucking. Fingering. Dildo BJ. Dildo for            
     Kylee. Eating. Dildo for Sammie. 69 & dildo. Eating. Dildo             
     for Mariah. Kiss. Glass dildo for Sammie. Kiss.                    8.90
Extras                                                                Extras
Scene Selection    Ladies ID & select type of sex to view.               .10
Bonus              Bonus Scenes.                                  17:41  .10
                     All Girl Review #01 - Lexy & Gwen.                     
                   Behind the Scenes.                              6:34  .10
                     Not from this sampler movie.                           
                   Striptease.                                     3:25  .05
                     Brooke Banner.                                         
                   DVD Trailers.                                         .05
                     12 Previews.                                           
                       Base DVD extras rates                            8.50
Ratings: Movie     Sex action rates                                     8.94
         Extras    DVD extras rates                                     8.90
         Quality   Blu-ray rates                                        9.00
Production date: 08/15/2007.                                           Email