Shane's World #32 Campus Invasion DVD

================================================================= 01/31/2003
Quotes............Hot selling movie on good DVD with lots of extras!

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Bella Donna May 2000 Hot! Really into it! ^ Boo D. Licious Dec 2002 Cute honeyblonde. Calli Cox Mar 2001 2001 ASM's Best New E Malorie Marx Aug 2002 Sexy redhead. Tattoo. ============================================================================ Studio............Digital Sin DVD 21345 Lassen St. Suite 100 Chatsworth CA 91311 Producer..........New Sensations Supplied By.......Shane's World Quality...........Good Rating............XXX Pro Category..........Boy/Girl Top 10 Points..... 9.05 ============================================================================ Play Movie Movie was reviewed on 12/22/2002 and rated a 9.00 Read movie review Scene Selection Choices 1 to 15. No ID. Lost Footage Extra. 12 min 9 secs. Contest where Calli & Boo and 2 guys change clothes. Malorie and guy in room. Topless. Kissing. Titty screwing. BJ. No hands BJ. She strokes him off. 'It took awhile, but I did it'. Tex and Laura talking to camera. Mr. Marcus talking to camera. Guy explains various sex acts (none that I have ever heard of). Calli talking about douche wrapper. Bella in hotel room. Calli looking warn out. Behind Scenes Extra. 35 mins 29 secs. Bella & Calli talking to Mr. Marcus on cell phone. Group at airport, on bus, on Interstate. Calli & Bella kissing & making up. Playing games. Eating in restaurant. In van. Gals talking about shaving the bush. Bella flashes her boobs. Malorie shows her boobs. Boo shows her boobs. Calli riding on Mr. Marcus' back. The next morning in hotel room talking. Bella talks about her vibrating dildo. Mr. Marcus joins them. Group talking about the fun games they are going to be doing. Going to campus radio studio. Tex plays with Boo's boobs. The group sitting around and talking about the days activities. Tex and Boo on bed talking. College gals filling out forms and having a meal with the gang. Bella talking about what was going on. College gals share their dildos. All the gals in hotel room as guy does nude dance & jumping for them wearing a cape. Bella interviews Calli using a dildo. Gals having alot of fun. Bella is really funny. Boo kisses Bella's dildo. College gals play with the dildo. Calli clit solo & gets real wet. Bella insert dildo into Calli & thumbs her clit. Calli smiles as she likes it. Guy folds his pillow and screws it as the gals crack up. Interviews Extra. 17 mins 4 secs. Boo talks to camera. It is about being the number 1 party school. Bella topless and I am 21 years old. Malorie. Mr. Marcus talks to camera and says he is 32 years old. Boo talks about one of her friends knows waht she is doing. Tex is the fan pick of the month. More interviews including the always hot Calli. They talk about Mr. Marcus whacking Calli with the paddle. Mr. Marcus has 2 daughters and a 'almost' wife of 9 years. Cast Bios Extra. Page with info on: Bella Calli Evelyn Janaei (Boo) Mallory Mr. Marcus Tex Drunky the Bear Photo Gallery Extra. 2 mins 15 secs. Various sized picture. Continuous play. Trailers Extra. 5 mins 13 secs. Shane's World, Mr. Cherry. Web Link Page with: Shane's World ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Movie is one of the all-time best sellers! Can you image having the number 1 cable guy attacking this movie and having Calli on his show. She was the class act that night. Looking good and putting ther Factor guy in his place! DVD is also very good. Lots and lots of extras. Not all of it is x-rated, but who cares. Calli and Bella are real life friends and it shows. Boo is one of the real 'hot' newbies. 9.10 ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: Nov 2002. DVD date: Jan 2003. Email Den ============================================================================