Shane's World #32 Campus Invasion

================================================================= 12/22/2002
Quote.............National TV exposure helps this SW documentary.   

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Bella Donna May 2000 Hot! Really into it! ^ Calli Cox Mar 2001 2001 ASM's Best New E Evelyn Janaei Dec 2002 Cute honeyblonde. Malorie Marx {Mimi} Aug 2002 Sexy redhead. Tattoo. ============================================================================ Distributed By....New Sensations Web Site 21345 Lassen St. Suite 150 Chatsworth CA 91311-6842 Supplied By.......Shane's World Web Site Time.............. 2 hours 32 minutes Quality...........Good Rating............XXX Pro Where to Buy Category..........Boy/Girl Top 10 Points..... 9.00 ============================================================================ Movie opens with the Shane's World visiting the campus radio show and the gals show the radio disc jockey what adult movie making is all about. Bella & Calli get down and let's just say the conclusion of this very interesting live event is that all the guys in the room agree that after the fingering it does pass the smell test. Interviews on campus. Other people walking by. Drunky the Teddy Bear makes an appearance. The Shane's crew is walking around the campus. Evelyn & guy. In dorm room. He makes amateur videos in his room at home. They kiss, touch and make out and undress. She gives him a BJ with good close ups. She looks directly into the camera as performs her well done task. She ends up giving him a handjob to completion and says, 'That was fun'. She blows the camera a kiss good-bye. Calli & Mr. Marcus. In bedroom. On her knees as Calli gives him head. Cool mirror reflective shot. Calli undresses. Both nude as Calli continues to give Mr. Marcus a BJ. Good close ups of Calli getting with the program. Strokes it and then deep throats it. Calli smiles as she loves what she is doing. 'I can not wait to sit on top of you'. Screwing reverse cowgirl with camera focused on her ass and we see her riding it up & down. Screwing cowgirl riding and bouncing up and down, standing holding her up, on her back with super close ups, doggy position, doggy position with him thumbing her ass, reverse cowgirl. Calli takes an open mouth facial. Mr. Marcus walking around campus with Drunky the Teddy Bear. Mr. Marcus talks to a black guy with his face blacked out and askes him if knows of any gals that want to f..k him. Mr. Marcus' requirements: * Cute * Big tits * Nice ass * Sucks a mean dick Bella Donna & Calli & gals interview guys and pass out large Shane's World postures. Party time. Gals dressed to sexy revealing outfits party with the guys. Mr. Marcus points out that he is the only black guy at the party. This campus was voted the number 1 party school in America. Joe College guy says too many people in house and 10-15 must leave. Malorie & Bella kissing. Gals lower their pants and stand in a line. Joe College guy is first and he goes down the line & kisses each of the gals bare ass. Calli & Bella are topless. Next guy goes down the line and kisses ass. Another guy goes down the line and he appears to eat the gals in addition to kissing their asses. 4th guy goes down the line and kisses ass. Bella & Joe College guy in room. Bella is topless. Touching. Bella on her knees as she gives him head, including her infamous no hands BJ and wild deep throat action. He lays on his back as Bella does her thing. Another guy is watching and talking and says, 'She just took it all the way down'. Bella deep throat him some more. 3rd guy joins and these 2 guys are giving him words of encouragement and he has a woodie problem. Bella is a good sport, but he has no luck. Calli. Talks about the paddle she got from Mr. Marcus. 'I took it like a champ'. And it was a good blow. Mr. Marcus talks about his paddling Calli. Calli says Mr. Marcus was showing off for the group of guys. More party fun. Joe College guy sucks Bella's tits. Calli & Malorie give head. 3 guys on bed side-by-side-by-side. BJs and the guys get it up. Evelyn takes over for Bella as Bella gives a 4th guy head. Bella's guy cums in her mouth. Gals stroke the guys off. Joe College guy performs well this time and plays with Bella's ass as he gets head. Another guy gets double teamed. Evelyn & Tex in room. Kissing. Touching. Undressing. Nude. Eats her. Clit play. 2 fingers her. Fingers her. Titty sucking. 2 fingers her. Eats her in doggy position. BJ. No hands BJ and holding onto her pigtails. Screwing on her back, on her back & clit solo, cow- girl riding, cowgirl riding & fingering her ass, doggy position, from behind her as she leans on a chair, from behind her as she leans on a table, on her back on the bed. He strokes off all over her face and in her open mouth. Party at Frat House. Pussy eating contest. The 4 gals are laying on their backs as 2 guys take turns eating them as the crowd urges them on. The gals pick the winner. Winner in bedroom with Bella & Malorie. Play with them. Undressing him. BJ from each. Dual BJ. No hands BJ. Bella gives him deep throat as she loves it. BJ from each including 2 handed action and stringers. Handjob at times. They both stroke him off and lick it up. Bella says, 'Thank you, you have nice tastinf cum'. Party at another house. Large group of guys in the house. 2m guys arm wrestle as the gals sit on their backs. Winner signs model re- lease. Winner titty sucks Calli. Gal spanks the winners ass as crowd loves it and he asks for more. Evelyn paddles him. She paddles his bare ass. Lots and lots of food. Gals sign the table top. One gal walks by and says, 'Holy f..king shit, I did not you were Mr. Marcus'. He is a big fan of Mr. Marcus and has 'all your stuff'. Mr. Marcus signs his beer mug. Drunky the Bear passes out Shane's World tapes. Calli and Party Bob (Winner) in bedroom. On bed. BJ. Ball sucking. BJ. 'My cock feels so good in your mouth.' He strokes himself as she sucks his balls. BJ. 69 Calli on top. Party fun. More fun as the gals dance & tease together. Gals do group kiss. Brunette joins them and has alot of fun and gives up her thong panties. Gal named Bethany wants to check out Tex. Bethany licks the end of it. Evelyn gives Tex head, handjob. Brunette & Evelyn both lick Tex. Nicole is a sexy honeyblonde and she kisses Tex. Malorie & Tex. In hotel room. On bed. BJ. No hands BJ. Nude. Eats her. Fingers her. 69 her on top. 2 fingers from each hand at the same time for her. Ball sucking. Screwing reverse cowgirl, cowgirl riding, standing holding her up, on her back in bathroom on the counter top, from behind her, in front room on her back on table and double chokes her? Screwing on bed side saddle. Tex strokes off on her belly. She plays with the cum. Bella & Mr. Marcus. In bedroom. Talking. Rims her. Eats her. Topless. Titty sucking. BJ. No hands BJ. Deep throat. 2 handed BJ. No hands BJ. Deep throat. Handjob. More deepthroat. Bella is the most natural deep throat artist I have ever seen. Screwing cowgirl riding, on her back, on her back & clit solo. He cums on her thigh. More screwing on her back. Bella 2 fingers her ass & then 3-4 fingers her ass as she spreads and shows the pink. Anal on her back, reverse cowgirl. Screwing cowgirl riding. Anal reverse cowgirl & clit solo. A2M. No hands BJ. 2 handed BJ. Anal doggy position & clit solo underneath. Anal creampie finish. Guy. Talks to camera and talks about all of his friends at the party. Calli sits next to him. Evelyn has tastes her tits contest. 2 guys take turns sucking on her titties. The winner's a tie and both guys get a video. Evelyn spanks a guy. 5 hours later. Local gals are in room with the porn gals and talk about going to LA to make movies. Bella says she is a man trapped in a woman's body. Mr. Marcus interviews them. The local gals check out Calli's enhanced bare boobs. Local gals play around. Gals play and suck one another's boobs. ============================================================================ Comments..........Production date: 11/24/2002 at a major US college! This is the tape that they all have been talking about. It is a best seller everwhere and on local TV they say it is completely sold out for some reason in Indiana. Will be a best seller and a 'crossover' hit. Sorry, I did not include the boxcover because I don't use hardcore pictures. Some people will say that boys will be boys and there is alot of this in the movie. But, I really liked the idea that they included local gals in this movie and it proves: * Gals like porn * Girls will be girls ============================================================================ Special Note......Good job to Calli and to Shane's World for the superb job of promoting this movie. What a great move to be on the top rated cable show and have him promote your movie! It is better than being on Howard Stern. I think they brought attention to this movie at least 4 times. See Write-Up ============================================================================ Reviewed Email Den ============================================================================