Peter van Aarle RIP

The only 10 I have ever known!                                    09/20/2005
The Adult Industry has lost a true internet pioneer & biggest fan!          
    Peter passed away on September 18, 2005 and was only 42 years old.      
    The first show I attended I met Peter and we hung out together.         
    The most knowledgeable person I know. He not only could point           
    out the Stars in the booths, but he knew the Stars just walking         
    around. We would play a game and see who could ID the most Stars.       
    It was never close, Peter always won.                                   
I am heartbroken over his untimely death and the only thing I can do        
    is remember the times we were together:                                 
      ECVS 1997                          
      ECVS 1998                          
      ECVS 1999                          
      ECVS 1999                          
      ECVS 1999                          
      ECVS 2000                                  
      CES 1999                           
      CES 2000                           
      CES 2000 Party                     
      AVN Adult Expo 2001                        
      AVN Adult Expo 2002                        
      AVN Adult Expo 2003                        
      AVN Adult Expo 2004                        
      ADT Party 2004                             
      AEE 2005                                   
Peter was instrumental in helping me with:                                  
      Erica Boyer's 1st movie ID         
      Virus Alert! (Happy99.exe)         
      Virus Alert! (I Love You!)         
And, don't forget that Peter's scene with Christi Lake:                     
      Fan Fuxxx #06                      
Peter, from people all around the world, WE LOVE YOU!                       
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