Tampa Teasers 1998 DVD

================================================================= 07/14/2002
Quote.............Nightmoves Awards Show coverage by Dirty Bob.     

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Anna Malle Jul 1994 Amateur turned pro. E Catalina L'Amour Jan 1996 Amateur turned Pro. E Champagne Feb 1994 Black actress. E Cherry Mirage Jul 1998 Real cute. Nipple ring Christi Lake Oct 1995 VX columnist. Farrah Apr 1996 Blonde dancer. Fl. E Felecia Apr 1992 Does-it-all. Les. Jessica Darlin Nov 1997 Blonde does-it-all. Johnni Black Mar 1996 Very hot performer! E Kaitlyn Sep 1998 Mature hot blonde. E Kerri Downs Jun 1994 Squirter Kristina St. James Jan 1997 Cute mature blonde. E Montana Gunn Dec 1995 Cute big tits blonde E Phoenixxx Blaque Aug 1997 Hot Florida brunette Rikki Moans Mar 1998 Cute amateur blonde. E Samantha Silk Aug 1997 Tampa. Hot redhead. Serenity Apr 1994 1999 Fan Favorite! E Shelly Berlin Mar 1997 Redhead dancer. Writer Stacy Valentine May 1996 Cute into it blonde. E ============================================================================ Distributed By....Flying Leap Productions Web Site 9 Southmoor Circle Kettering OH 45429 Email Producer/Director.Dirty Bob Web Site Supplied By.......Dirty Bob Web Site Quality/Lighting..Fair Rating............R Amateur Category..........Boy/Girl Points............ 4.00 (Scale is 1.00 to 5.00) ============================================================================ Arrival & Party 18 mins 44 secs Footage of the gals arriving at the Tampa airport. Want to see porn stars in non-porn normal activities? See Cherry smoking. See Mike South in the middle of the fun. Hank Armstrong enjoying the ladies. All the ladies at nightclub on stage as they introduce thenselves. Pool Party 9 mins 38 secs Nightmoves has a pool party. Stacy swimming. Montana teases Dirty Bob. Busty blonde floats her are boobs. Serenity shows off her 'Wicked' towel. Topless: Rikki, Montana, Phoenix, Shelly, Farrah, local dancer, Cherry, busty blonde. Group pose for a picture that became Dirty Bob's Christmas Card. Adult Clubs 9 mins 44 secs Gals arriving at club. Gals signing includes Missy & Raylene. Local dancer on stage topless. Anna joins briefly. Missy & Mickey pose. Raylene topless. Anna topless. The Show 20 Mins 28 secs Gals all dressed up. Arrive to the nightclub. Gals on stage and presentations made. Ron Jeremy is the MC. Anna dances. Picture quality for last 2 segments is dark. ============================================================================ Comments..........Released on DVD only. July 2002. ============================================================================ Reviewed By.......www.cavr.com den@cavr.com ============================================================================