Forced Entry

================================================================= 04/20/2002
Quote.............Lizzy Borden, lady director!                      

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Alexandra Quinn Dec 1992 Canadian actress. E Barett Moore Jun 1998 aka Veronica Caine. E Jewel De'Nyle Sep 1998 1999 & 2001 Hottest! E ^ Taylor St. Claire Mar 1997 Hot brunette. Nasty! ============================================================================ Company/Supplier..Extreme Associates Web Site 16140 Leadwell Street Telephone.........888-768-8249 Producer..........Rob Black Director..........Lizzy Borden Minutes...........130 Quality/Lighting..Good Rating............XXX Pro Category..........Boy/Girl Points............ 6.00 (Scale is 6.00 to 10.00) ============================================================================ This is the movie that was the focus of the PBS documentary titled American Porn Rob Black open movies with a 2 minute talk about this movie and the PBS special. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1> Jewel & Luciano. Chokes her? Spits on her face? Slaps her face? Jewel is crying and saying, 'I am a virgin' as he forces himself on her, rips her clothes off & drags her by the throat up the stairs & continues to slap her face & spit on her face? Jewel's breasts are bare. He throws her on the bed. Sucks her tits as he treats her mean and is rough? 2 fingers her. He holds his hand over her mouth? Titty sucking. Slaps her face hard? He spits in her open mouth? No hands BJ. Slaps her face? No hands BJ. Slaps her face? Double chokes her? Spits on her face? Screwing on her back. Spits on her face? Holds her head down on the bed? Screwing on her back as he chokes her and then slaps her face 4-5 times? Continues to choke her as he spits in her face one more time? Screwing side saddle as he slaps her face? Pinches her nose closed? Screwing side as he spanks her ass. Spits on her face? Prys her mouth open ala fish hooks using his fingers as he spits in her open mouth? Anal with her head down on the bed and her ass up and him behind her. Anal from behind as he fish hook her mouth and spits in her mouth? Anal reverse cowgirl as he chokes her and then fish hooks her mouth? A2M. Open mouth facial. Lots of cum on her face. Jewel has her head in a toilet and Luciano tells her it is time to clean her. He PEES on the side of her face and it goes into the toilet bowl as he holds her head down and by the back of her hair. Back in the bedroom. He puts plastic bag on her head. End of scene. 2> Taylor & Luciano & Mickey G. Slaps her face. Chokes her. Beats her stomach. Rough on her. Eats her. Chokes her. Slaps her face. Slaps her face. Chokes her. Double chokes her. Chokes her & spits in her face. Naked breasts. Spanks her ass cheeks red. Holds her head down by force and stands on her hair. Double chokes her. Steps on her head. Both stand on her. Chokes her. Spits on her face. Chokes her. Spits on her face. No hands BJ. Mickey gets rough. No hands BJ & choking her. Slaps her face. No hands BJ. Slaps her face. BJ for each. Chokes her. BJ. Chokes her. No hands BJ. BJ/handjob for each. Stuffs her mouth with Mickey's socks. Slaps her face. Holds her head by her hair. Stick a gun in her mouth. Screwing & no hands BJ. They put her over the end of the sofa and 4 finger & almost fists her briefly. Screwing her from behind. Chokes her as she chokes. Screwing & no hands BJ. Chokes her. Slaps all over her body. Screwing on her back. Screwing & BJ. Chokes her. Screwing & BJ. Chokes her. Foot on her throat. Both feet on her arms. Smothers her face as Luciano screws her on her back. Spits on her face. 'I like it'. Spits on her face as he pulls her hair. Both spit on her face repeatly. Anal reverse cowgirl & no hands BJ. Slaps her tits. No hands BJ. Prys her mouth open ala fish hooks. Anal & BJ. DP doggy position. 2 facials. Bulls eye. They pull her by her hair & spit on her face. Shots her. 3> Veronica. Driving her convertible & it breaks down. Abducted by Brian Surewood & Luciano in van. In room. Slaps her face. Chokes her. Slaps her face. Spits on her face. Rips her top off. Arm around her throat. Spits on her face. Holds her head down with knee on her throat. Knive to her throat. Slaps her face. Cuts her panties off. Nude. No hands BJ. Both slap her face. Chokes her. Fish hooks her face. Blindfolds her. No hands BJ. Slaps her face. 1 eye open. No hands BJ & repeated slapping her face. No blindfold. Screwing & BJ. Slaps her face. Put duct tape on her ass. Chokes her. Anal side saddle. Chokes her. DP doggy position. Double chokes her. 2 facials. They knife her and blood comes out of her mouth. Not a very good fake. 4> Alexandra & Valentino. In room. Slaps her face. Spits on her face. Chokes her. Topless. Chokes her. Spits in her open mouth. Pulls her hair. Forces her to lick sptil off his boots. Chokes her. Deep throat. Repeatedly slaps her face. Forced to rim him. Pulls her hair. Spits in her open mouth. More forced rimming. Scene just ends. Robert Black plays a character named Roberto Negro. Silly ending and very poorly done. 5> Behind the Scenes. Start after 1 hour & 54 minutes. * Jewel & Luciano. Jewel crying and then starts laughing. * Taylor & Luciano & Mickey G. Lizzy Borden & cast after the movie saying this was 'strictly a movie'. * Veronica & Brian & Luciano. Her hair piece gets pulled off. * Alexandra & Valentino. Very brief. ============================================================================ Comments..........Release date.......02/22/2002 Production dates...09/14/2000 10/16/2000 02/14/2002 Cast ID at end. ============================================================================ CAVR Position: They have every right to make and sell this tape. It is a shame that these very talented people would waste their time on this. Can you image the good stuff they could be doing? CAVR Note: Jewel and Luciano are no longer with Extreme Associates and they announced their recent marriage when Jewel received her award as Best Actress of 2001 from XRCO. Congrats to both of them. Lizzy Borden and Rob Black are reportedly engaged to be married and I wish them both the very best. ============================================================================ Reviewed ============================================================================

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