DVD Little Magicians

================================================================= 09/02/2001
Quote.............Early Anabolic on good DVD.                       

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............C.J. Bennett Dec 1993 Hot! Now a blonde. E Francesca Le Jun 1992 Hot actress. Jessica Fox Nov 1992 Petite blonde. E Madison Dec 2000 Busty sexy brunette. E Shawnee Cates May 1992 Hot brunette. Tara Monroe Jan 1990 Hot petite star. E ============================================================================ Company/Supplier..Anabolic Video Web Site 534 Victoria Ave. Venice CA 90291 Email Producer/Director.Christopher Alexander Quality/Lighting..Good Rating............XXX Pro Category..........Boy/Girl Points............ 8.87 (Scale is 6.00 to 10.00) ============================================================================ Play Movie Movie was reviewed as a part of this DVD review. 8.94 Hot action for the guys & Rocco for the gals. Movie Review Chapters Standard DVD feature that allows you pick the scene you want to view. Choices 1 to 6. Extra. Cumshot Recap. Takes you immediately to the money shots. Photo Gallery Extra. Various sized pictures from the movie in continuous presentation. Approximately 15. Web Site Info Page with company address and web site URL. Anabolic DVD Releases Extra. Side B. 20 hot trailers of other Anabolic movies. Side B Info ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Movie. Looking at this early Anabolic release you can see the makings of the very popular gonzo releases. This is real good and has a great cast, for guys and gals. DVD. Good picture quality and good sound. Nice boxcover. C.J. shines. Good use of side B. 8.80 ============================================================================ Comments..........Production date: Prior to July 1995. DVD: Aug 2001 ============================================================================ Reviewed By.......www.cavr.com den@cavr.com ============================================================================