America's 10 Most Wanted #02

3 ladies making their debuts.                                     11/17/1997
Studio............Odyssey Group Video (OGV)                         Reviewer
Producer..........Mr. Ensenada                                       All Sex
Director..........Tom Stone                      
Distributor.......No Director                   
Camera............No camera ID
Points............ 8.74                                         
Star                                                                    Star
Alice Svelnotska              Sexy brunette.          Nov 1997          
Alison Dark                   Hot Euro actress.       May 1997          
Claudia Chase           iafd  Cute natural blonde.    Nov 1997          
Leanni Lei                    Real cute Asian pixie   Nov 1997          
Margo Stevens                 Hot blonde. 34c-23-34   May 1997          
Olivia del Rio                Brazil. Hot. Sexy.   E  Nov 1996          
Sadie Sexton                  Cute big tits blonde E  Oct 1997          
Shawnee                       Cute Asian. Into it.    Jun 1996          
Teri Starr              iafd  Cute natural blonde.    Oct 1997  CAVR Nominee
Toni James                    Real cute hot blonde E  Feb 1997  CAVR Nominee
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> Olivia. Alex Sanders eats her, eats her ass, no hands BJ. Screwing       
   on her back, sitting back to camera, facing camera. He jacks facial. 8.70
2> Sadie & Margo. Titty sucking, eating, 69. Good sized clear dildo.    8.70
3> Shawn E. & Alex Sanders. Fingering, eating her. No hands BJ, ball        
   sucking. Safe screwing doggy style, sitting back to camera. Facial.  8.70
4> Claudia (debut) & Vince Voyeur. Kissing, titty sucking. No hands BJ.     
   Ball sucking, eating her, eating her ass, safe screwing on her back,     
   doggie position. He jacks off all over her face. BJ cleanup.         8.80
   Previews of Pick Up Lines.                                               
5> Alice & Frank Towers. Titty sucking, eats her. BJ. Ball sucking.         
   Screwing sitting facing camera, doggie style. Anal. Facial.          8.70
6> Teri & Toni & Colt Steele. BJ/handjob, les eating, 3 fingers for Teri    
   from Toni. Screwing. Les ass fingering. Screwing. Les 69 & screwing.     
   Facial for both at the same time.                                    9.00
7> Alison (debut) & Toni in a corvette. Tit play, eating, fingering.    8.80
8> Sadie & guy. Eating, no hands BJ, screwing. Facial.                  8.70
9> Leanni(debut) & Steve Drake. Yit play, eats, fingers, screws. Facial 8.70
10> Margo & Earl Slate. Eating, BJ/handjob, safe screwing. Facial.      8.60
Production date: 11/97.                                                Email