During her illustrious career in adult films, Aurora Snow has won
    virtually every award the industry has to offer. She has been a
    contract star, a feature dancer, Performer of the Year and a
    mainstream crossover star.

    She can now add Hall of Famer to the long list of accolades she has
    received. With her selection to the CAVR.com Hall of Fame, Aurora Snow
    joins an elite class including some of the biggest names in the business.

    "I am honored to be added to CAVR's Hall of Fame" says Aurora "I never
    expected to receive such an award, and am flattered to be recognized
    alongside the many impressive woman that have graced the list."

    Joining Aurora and the other big names in the CAVR Hall of Fame is adult
    film critic and journalist Roger T. Pipe of www.RogReviews.com.

    Like Snow, Pipe enters the hall as part of an initial class that includes
    Internet porn pioneers from IAFD.com and AdultDVDTalk.com.

    "I am thrilled to be honored by Den and CAVR.com this way." Says Pipe.
    "I have followed his site for years. He has worked tirelessly to
    recognize the best in our industry. That he would think enough of me to
    include me in the CAVR.com Hall of Fame is an honor I proudly accept and
    hope I can live up to the high standards set by the other members of the

    Top stars from the 70's, 80's and 90's were also honored as well as
    "Fan Favorites" and a special section of Den's Favorites.

    "I wanted to break Hall of Fame selections into four decades because it
    is not fair to compare a 1970's gal with a 2000's gal." Says CAVR's Den.
    "Everything has changed from the superior equipment, the Internet,
    number of movies, etc."

     Snow was elected to the hall as part of the 2000's, a class of women
     that includes Avy Scott, Jenna Haze, Hillary Scott and Bobbi Starr.

     "Aurora is a perfect choice for the 2000's" Den continues. "She is an
     all-natural cute gal with the girl next door look who started out with
     limits on what she would do on camera. After a trip to a hypnotist,
     she became one of the wildest gals of the decade. We got to watch her
     transition before our very eyes. She is also a very all-round gal who
     is easy to talk to. Oh and she even shared with me the low-down on her
     infamous BJ scenes with Rog, haha."

     Pipe agrees with Den's assessment of Miss Snow's Hall of Fame credentials.
     "Den's lists by decade really allow the cream to rise to the top. There
     have been a lot of great women in our industry in the last decade, but
     Aurora has to be at the top of that list. She is beautiful, sexy,
     charming, always puts on a great scene and can act. Aurora can truly do
     it all and has done so over several years. She is the epitome of a
     Hall of Fame performer and a genuinely nice person I am proud to consider
     a friend. And as for the blowjob scene" jokes Pipe "I am ready whenever
     Aurora is to make that wild rumor a reality."

     In addition to the lovely ladies of adult cinema, CAVR honored Internet
     pioneers and journalists. Pipe was included in this category.

     "I had to have a section on the Web influence" explains Den. "Rog is the
     number 1 Internet reviewer of all time. We started at the same time and
     Rog is the perfect example of why quality is much more important they
     quantity. He has created a very good web site that must be visited daily.
     Over the years, he has rolled with the punches and evolved into a
     multifaceted writer with new innovative ideas and willing to take a
     gamble while remaining a level headed down to earth person. He has taught
     me a lot over the years and maybe the most important thing he has taught
     me is 'to consider the source'. Year-to-year Rog is number one and that
     is a Hall of Famer to me."

     Aurora echoes Den's sentiments. "I cannot think of a more deserving
     person to be honored with a Hall of Fame accolade than Roger T. Pipe.
     He knows the business well and everyone in it, professionally, personally,
     his site www.rogreviews.com has grown into an integral informative place
     for fans and insiders alike. Doing an interview with Rog year after year
     has become a tradition for many of the adult stars. This business wouldn't
     be the same without him."

     Pipeline Media congratulations Aurora Snow, Roger Pipe and all of the
     CAVR.com Hall of Famers. 03/20/2010.

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