----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, Den! Let me just say thank you for all your hard work over the years reviewing tapes and DVDs and helping the buyer immensely with respect to quality and content. I can't imagine trying to navigate the choppy waters of porn without your guidance. I am particularly sensitive (averse) to porn that is violent or deliberately degrading, so your stance on choking, slapping, spitting, etc. has been one I endorse, and appreciate your notation of such scenes in your reviews. As importantly, your taste in women comports with mine, and more than once I've discovered when you've been enthusiastic about a performer (Scotti Andrews and Diamond 4Ever immediately spring to mind) I can count upon her becoming one of my favorites as well. So my thanks to you is LONG overdue, as much as I've been on your site, which is almost daily, either through direct access or links from IAFD. Again, Den, thanks for all your hard work and continuing to maintain a site that is incredibly user friendly, relatively commercial-free, and informative. PS Before sending this email, I went to your site to reassure myself of your email address and, just out of curiosity, clicked on "reviewer" at one of your reviews--I had never done that before, don't know why I did now--and darned if I wasn't treated to something that I never knew: that Den the reviewer and "Den" the 80's Ohio amateur producer are one and the same! I can't believe it! I can't believe it never occurred to me! Your amateur videos were some of the first I'd ever seen in the genre, sent to me by a friend who knew how discouraged I was by the lack of solo videos available (that being my main interest). I really wasn't aware of what was going on in the amateur arena at that time, but your videos and those by other companies really opened my eyes. As someone who had grown up looking at mens magazines, I really wanted to see videos that featured women posing for me like they did in typical centerfold layouts. Commercial videos rarely provided anything like that, but amateur videos--like the ones you did of Gina--profiled a single woman beautifully, and that's the kind of video I still prefer over all others (busty and oral/facial are secondary and tertiary interests). I'm particularly keen on held open pussy and spread ass posing--toys all too often are overused--and you gave me some of my favorite scenes in the early days. I also salute you for your fight against federal authorities, especially since your work was relatively benign overall, and all your performers did nothing degrading and always seemed to enjoy what they were doing. I never knew ANY company that paid the talent commissions on sales, and that speaks volume to your character. You deserved better, and you need to hear it from me and others who appreciated how you blazed a trail and took risks that other amateurs, like Wifey, took advantage of and prospered from. Thanks again, Den! Thank you for the email. I'm just Den. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------


i would like to say that I think you do a wonderfuljob on your long time hobby.I APPRECIATE THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE BEEN DOING THIS FOR A WHILE and have reached the point where yoy can  give the reader the chance to read your observations and comments upon a certain scene or video or even a performer. free of charge. In addition you show everyone how you score your video s,so there will be no questions asked. I have even in the past told many a   publicist and promotion individual at certain companies to include your sight on its mailing  lists.anyway i usually dont write about reviews of my movies,for over the years you get great reviews,gooid reviews,b ad reviews,sex and the girls are so subjective.You know you might love one star. i  will love another ,a third another and so on....once in awhile we all agree. but when you take it upon yourself for punishing my movies for it appears that the smoking of pot appears in myl latest movie.that is a common occcurence intodays life.look at the old cheech and chong movbies.maryjane is not wht  they said in the old days.pussy and pot is been in  trademakr in the pussyman movies for years.look a many of the the entertainment moves,the seymopur butts movies and many more.many performers openly are in coopoeration with high times the mag.what make syou think you are all high and mighty and coiming down upon me ,l\like that and punishing my sex in the moveie for  it.you reduced the secene by three points and said i goofed. its bad enough when you punish me in your rating by including as a sec scene if i happen to eat pussy for a minute or two,.thats not a sex scene,that a dialouge prelude in mu movies.THEY are PUSSYMAN MOVIIES. they are unique in their attitude and purpose.they are not your normal features nor or your wild gonzo.they are for humans who love th watch highly charged hot erotic action with teasee,gorgeous females,and hot nsty  wild sex acts in beautifu; locations.they are esigned to showcase the women.i am not afraid of women and try to show their sexual strenght through the power of the pusssy and then intellect.it is not for you to judge what is morally correct as far as sex is not concernec especially the way you rate your reviews.i thnak  you for your time to read and respond.sincerely DAVID PUSSYMAN CHRISTOPHER

Thank you for the email. I really appreciate your taking the time to
    send me an email and for the good things said about CAVR. I really
    do enjoy reviewing movies and doing my points rating system.

I looked at the the review of Teen Land #06 again.
I stand by my review and I feel that I actually let you off easy. I agree
    that pot is everywhere, but should not be in porn tapes!

Back in the middle 1980's I was the owner of Den Video and I used
    the standard adult model's release that was published in
    Video Xcitement magazine and included the following:
       'I am making this movie on my own free will and I am not
       under the influence of drugs or alcohol'.
    For proof that I made over 200 movies, Hustler magazine did a
    feature on 'Amateur Sexvids' in the November 1988 issue that
          * A&B Video
          * Den Video
          * Homegrown Video
          * Video Xcitement magazine.

'what make syou think you are all high and mighty and coiming down
upon me'
    I am sorry, but you are WRONG! If you allow drugs on your
    sets, you are WRONG!

    We don't need anymore black eyes and we don't need to mix drugs
    with sex on tape.
    What does your Model's Agreement/contract say about drugs?

I am sorry that I have upset you, but I stand by my position of