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Adult Video An X-Rated Goldmine - Report by: Christian Shapiro

The video camera is the biggest thing to hit recreational sex since
    Polariods. The advent of the camcorder and other simple-to-use,
    realistically priced home-entertainment video camera has
    heralded an even greater degree of democracy in erotica.

Hands-on practitioners, who shoot, edit, and market their own
    prurient product, give girls their the chance to make as
    much money as a 'real' porn starlet. A tart tearing through
    her motions for Den Video will see $100.00 to make the
    tape and an additional $5.00 for every one sold. Some of
    Den's doxies have cleared more than $1,000.00 on commissions

Den's stars are 'just girls that hang around'. A couple are
    housewives'. Den meets them through friends and girlfriends
    and friends of friends. They tell each other. They've always
    had this fantasy. It's like Beaver Hunt in Hustler magazine.
    They've always wanted to be in Hustler magazine.

Den Video Volume 130 - Gina Anal (Hustler review).

The camera pans from a large jar of abolene up to a sultry, stripping, taut-skipped Hispanic temptress. She turns her nether cheeks to the lens and squirts baby oil onto her perfect, prickteasing posterior, rubbing the slippery fluid into her butt cleavage. The camera knows just where to shoot as she pulls her A-hole wide and slides a finger in. Suddenly a huge, fake wang snakes down her crack and disappears, slithering up her ass. She grabs another big dildo and DPs herself, following that with four fingers flexing in her bunger. As an inflammatory disco beat blares all around her, she shoves a succession of increasingly unlikely implements along her well-traveled back road. Braces gleam on her teeth and a Saint Christopher medallion glints her chest. Not one moan of complaint escapes her lips as she does a rectal squat on a butt plug propped on a bed. 'Now you see it; now you do not', she coos, standing to writhe rhytmically, holding the plug in with sphincters alone. An Energizer Halogen flashlight slips handle first up her dark hole, casting its beam out at the viewers in videoland. 'With my light I can see you. Where are you? I am looking for you'. For a finale she crams half a foot of the huge Rambone dong up her crapper. 'So far, so good', she purrs, pooper plugged.

Gina's Hustler interview.

Gina is a 21 year old Puerto Rican native living in Dayton, Ohio. She works at a video store owned by a friend of Den's. One day, after six months of leading up to it, Den offered her a part in a custom video. Someone wanted a tape of a girl wearing lingerie and ironing. Den felt that Gina was the girl for the job. 'I was going through a little financial trouble', remembers Gina. 'I thought, Well, let me try this. I did not have to take my clothes off or anything. But I did. They did not have to tell me to. I thought, This is fun'. Since then Gina's done a handful of custom videos, appears in a shave tape and stars in two showcase sextravaganzas.

Den Video info

By far the highest quality of any tapes reviewed (Den Video, A&B Video and Homegrown Video) are those from Den Video. With a personal collection of more than 1,000 cassettes, 300 of them amateur, Den has been hounding sex tapes for a decade. 'I always liked the amateur a lot better', he states, citing their realism. He made his first tapes for proto-pervs Baker Video of Boston, Massachusetts, then decided he'd just as well sell them himself. 'This is just play, but I have spent more money on equipment than I will probably ever recoup', says Den with no regrets. 'I got all this top-of-the-line professional equipment. Some guys are just using camcorders and they do not have real good lighting. I am shooting everything in S-VHS and have got my second S-VHS machine. I feel that I have a pretty decent product'. Den signs off wistfully, 'I hope to retire to do nothing but this'. This is a portion of the complete article that Hustler magazine published in November 1988. I am most proud of the fact that I paid commissions to the gals for every tape sold and of the picture quality of my tapes. (See, picture quality has been a big deal for me since 1985!). I found this old magazine and decided to type this report. 11/17/2007.